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March 4, 2007: WonderCon 07 DC Universe DVD Panel

Dan Didio and Bruce Timm spoke at the WonderCon 2007 "DC Universe: Superheroes Go DVD" panel on Saturday evening, in which they discussed the "Superman: Doomsday" animated movie. Here's an excerpt taken from the Newsarama.com report on the panel...

    Playing devil's advocate, Didio said that DC and Superman fans know how the story of the Superman/Doomsday fight ended, that is, with Superman's death. "Does the film version end with Superman's death?" he asked.

    As an answer, Noveck said that the film honors the tone of the original material, but due to the size of the original story, which involved Superman's death, the world without a Superman, and the return of the hero, it would have been impossible to include all aspects of the original. As a result, Noveck continued, Timm and Capezzi have added new elements and character elements to make it work as a 72-minute movie. The same approach will be taken on the other upcoming films as well.

    Timm later noted that, in the original version, there were several existing subplots, including the red-haired Lex Luthor, the protoplasmic Supergirl, and others that were woven through the story and continued both before and after the Death of Superman. Those elements had to be removed, in order to make the movie a discreet story. DC, Timm added, is much more involved in terms of the storycrafting with this movie than they were for any animated series.

    Considering the differences between the upcoming film and his work on half-hour animated series, Didio asked Timm to explain how the film will be different from a very large episode, to which Timm responded that the production team worked very hard to make the story feel like a PG-13 movie, adding in elements that would never have been permitted in animated series. "It's nice to have that kind of freedom and at same time have responsibility of not gong overboard with it," Timm said.

Read the complete report at the Newsarama website.

ComicBookResources.com also has a similar report, with details on "Superman: Doomsday" footage that was shown to the audience in attendance.

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