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March 20, 2007: Bruce Timm Discusses “Superman: Doomsday”

Newsarama.com caught up with Bruce Timm to ask him for details on the up-coming "Superman: Doomsday" and "Justice League: New Frontier" animated direct-to-DVD features. Here's part of what Bruce had to say about "Superman: Doomsday"...

    Q: Now from what I understand, the length of Superman: Doomsday is about 75 minutes. Right?

    BT: Yes.

    Q: And you are going to do the coming of Doomsday, the death of Superman, the period of mourning and the return of Superman ALL in that period?

    BT: Yep.

    Q: That means there's a ton of stripping out going down.

    BT: Yes.

    Q: Do you have any of the Justice League characters showing up to take on Doomsday?

    BT: No, and for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that's not what the story is about. We needed to focus our story on the main characters. By having the Justice League show up, and again without spoiling the story, one of the reasons is once we have Superman dead, the story focuses on Lois, Jimmy and all the other characters of Metropolis that are especially close to him. Just talking in broad strokes, the people of Metropolis have over the years learned to rely on Superman. Whenever a threat showed up in Metropolis, Superman was always there. He became their big security blanket. Now that he's gone, what does that mean? The point is if the Justice League were around, the people would have been reliant on them. They would be saying 'We still got Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman and Wonder Woman to take care of us.'

    Not only that, but we tried to treat this as if it was strictly a Superman movie. If you're doing a Superman movie, you don't talk about Batman or the Justice League. You don't talk about people who are outside of the Superman mythos. You want to stay focussed on Superman himself and his world view.

    That's another reason why these are all stand-alones. They are not connected to each other. There is no overall continuity.

Read the complete interview at the Newsarama.com website.

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