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October 18, 2007: Justice League Movie More Like Super Friends?

MovieHole.net has posted a report claiming to have read a few pages of the "Justice League" movie script...

    The film opens with John Stewart/The Green Lantern leaving space for the beachy surroundings of what's described in the brief as being a "San Diego" like town - its there that he'll have to rescue a Submarine crew (I don't think I'll give away the finer aspects of the sequences - just to say they could look impressive) from something with "a lot of arms". We're next introduced to Aquaman, who spots the leviathan battering a lighthouse. A large-scale skirmish occurs between the sea hero and the sea villain. Then, Wonder Woman is introduced - but not before Superman, in a mid-air fight, crashes her scene. Next, The Flash gets his big intro scene.... Rescuing plainclothes detective Ben Chyre from a 'ticking' bear - something 'the Trickster' has cooked up. The Flash has a bit of fun with a news crew - says something so fast that they're unable to use it on air - which might evoke a laugh or two.

    We're introduced to our villain, Max Lord, as he watches a monitor where[what appears to be] Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc are ''terrorizing a building full of homeless people. Destroying the arches and pulling the supports down..." We then learn that Lord has captured a team of superheroes already - "ULTRAMAN, SUPERWOMAN, OWLMAN, JOHNNY QUICK and POWER RING..." - who he plans to use for his own devious mission : pit them against the "Justice League".

You can read the full report at MovieHole.net.

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