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December 14, 2007: Profiles in History Auction Off Superman Movie Items

The latest "Profiles in History" memorabilia auction is currently taking place on Ebay's Live Auctions, with 7 unique Superman items on offer.

  • 0943: Original animation cel from the Superman serial
  • 0944: Christopher Reeve signed photo as Superman
  • 0945: Crystal from Kal-Els spaceship - Superman Movie
  • 0946: Christopher Reeve cape from Superman: The Movie
  • 0947: Christopher Reeve FX miniature Superman
  • 0948: Original storyboards - Superman: The Movie
  • 0949: Daily Planet newspaper from Superman: The Movie

    The Christopher Reeve signed photo is expected to fetch around US$200-$400. While the most expensive item, the Christopher Reeve cape from "Superman: The Movie" is likely to sell for around US$30,000.

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