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June 22, 2007: Superman Makes Best and Worst Movie Sequels Lists

AOL's Moviefone website has rated the 25 Best and Worst Movie Sequels of all time, with Superman movies making both lists.

"Superman II" came in at 17 in the 25 Best Movie Sequels of All Time list.

    Moodier and arguably better than the original, 'II' brings our hero back down to Earth -- literally -- when he gives up his powers for love. Struggling not just with his identity but also with a badass trio of villains (Sam Raimi, take note), the Man of Steel has never before (or since) been more human, or more real.

"The Godfather Part II" was voted the Best Movie Sequel of All Time.

"Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" took out tenth spot in the 25 Worst Movie Sequels of All Time list.

    We appreciate Superman's bid to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but we'd rather he destroy all copies of this film. It's rife with awful dialogue, shoddy effects and a Fabio-esque villain named Nuclear Man -- who happens to be the DNA "lovechild" of Lex Luthor and Supes. It's Kryptonite to anyone with taste.

"Batman and Robin" was voted the Worst Sequel of All Time.

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