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August 24, 2007: Welling to Play Superman in Justice League Movie?

IESB.net have posted an update to the ongoing news regarding the up-coming "Justice League" movie.

They claim that Tom Welling has been approached to play Superman in the movie, which will not be totally motion-capture CGI, but will use the technology heavily for a larger part of the movie...

    The motion capture rumor that we received earlier this week caused us to do some deep digging on the JLA production. Here's what we have found out. Yes there will be motion capture used in the film but it will not be an all out "motion capture production." Heavy motion capture will be used for the OMACs, the underwater sequences and such. So, all in all, this will be a traditionally made film with some motion capture characters, pretty much like every big fantasy movie these days. So that appears to be the final word on that subject. Now onto the big stuff!

    Bale and Routh are flat out, for sure, but who does WB want to replace them with? Studio sourceshave exclusively revealed to the IESB that someone has been approached to fill the shoes of the Man of Steel!

    Welling as Superman Get ready Smallville fans, your fantasies of Tom Welling in a cape are getting ready to come true. Yes that's right, Tom Welling, TV's Clark Kent, has been approached to take up the Superman role in the Justice League film. This has been a hope of Smallville fans for years and all indications are that WB has finally heard the call.

As for the sequel to "Superman Returns", IESB.net claim that will still go ahead unaffected by the Justice League movie...

    Now how does this effect the Bryan Singer Superman franchise or the Chris Nolan Batman films? What we are hearing from the WB camp is that it doesn't effect them at all. The Nolan Batman films will continue, the Singer Superman films we have been told will continue and Justice League will have its own storyline and universe. Very similar to what DC does nowadays in the animated world with these characters.

Read the complete report at the IESB.net website.

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