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April 24, 2007: Sydney Movie Tours “Superman Returns” Location Tour

By Steve Younis

On Saturday April 21st I lead a group of 20 people from half a dozen different countries on a walking tour around Sydney for the Sydney Movie Tours "Superman Returns" location tour.

The tour group were winners of a European contest which saw them flown out to Australia to enjoy the sites and sounds of Sydney and the Gold Coast. While in Sydney one of the scheduled events organized for them was the "Superman Returns" walking tour.

I was hired by Sydney Movie Tours to be the tour guide for this event, which kicked off from the Radisson Hotel, where all the participants were staying. The hotel itself was actually featured in a particular sequence of "Superman Returns", so it was a great place to start the tour.

The "Superman Returns" tour, a new feature on the Sydney Movie Tours calendar, is a casual two hour walk around various locations in the Sydney CBD where scenes for "Superman Returns" were filmed.

While the majority of the group had seen the movie, not everyone spoke English, so it was a tricky prospect, however our visual guides used throughout the tour gave everyone an appreciation for each location's significance to the movie.

During the tour a number of the group also got a chance to shine through some role playing. One lucky guy got to walk around in the Superman costume, while others volunteered to play the parts of Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Kitty Kowalski, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

If anyone is interested in taking the "Superman Returns" walking tour, with me as your tour guide, you should contact Sydney Movie Tours at www.SydneyMovieTours.com.au.

Superman Returns Tour Superman Returns Tour Superman Returns Tour
Superman Returns Tour Superman Returns Tour Superman Returns Tour

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