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December 4, 2007: Ilya Salkind Talks “Superman III”

Ilya Salkind talks openly about the creative process behind the making of the Superman movies. This time around he talks with SupermanCinema.co.uk about "Superman III".

    With casting underway, Frank Langella was the number one choice for the role of tycoon, Ross Webster, "I pushed hard for Frank, but Lester wouldn't do the picture if he was cast. I can't remember why he didn't want him, but if he was cast, he would have pushed Pryor back. We looked at other actors, including Alan Rickman. In the end we finally agreed on Robert Vaughn. He's good, but imagine the film with Frank Langella. He commands more screen time than Pryor."

    Any doubts that they perniciously removed Margot as punishment for her vocal campaign during the promotion of Superman 2 are unfounded."I said lets use Lana. I saw Annette in Cat People and cast her in the role." We done it all with Lois. The way it ended with Lois Lane at the end of two was a very moving scene. Everybody agreed to it."

    "We don't see the romantic side of Lester very often."

You can read the complete interview with Ilya Salkind at SupermanCinema.co.uk.

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