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March 21, 2007: Superman Movie Sequel Villain Rumors

With all the news and rumors surrounding the sequel to Superman Returns lately, another rumor has come to hand regarding possible ideas being discussed for the movie.

As is the way with rumors, these come from someone who knows someone who supposedly works at Warner Bros., and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt...

The script has not yet been written, but discussions are being bounced around in regards to the major villains being Metallo and Brainiac.

Apparently the "Bank Gunner" from Superman Returns (the guy who shot Superman in the eye) will be the man who becomes/gets turned in to Metallo. It's unknown if he'll be referred to as John Corben or not.

The rumor goes on to state that Metallo does something pretty major in his huge battle with Superman which catches the attention of an alien orb in space (aka Brainiac), directing its attention towards Earth.

Again, these are unsubstantiated rumors and should be taken as nothing more at this point in time.

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