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July 27, 2007: More Details from San Diego Comic Con

The world premiere of "Superman: Doomsday", the direct-to-DVD animated movie (scheduled to be released on September 18th), took place at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday night, and while we await Neal Bailey's review, you can check out what other comic fan sites ToonZone.net, ComicBookResources.com and Newsarama.com had to say about it.

Bruce Timm spoke about "Superman: Doomsday" and the up-coming "Justice League: New Frontier" at Comic Con...

    "Every one of these movies we're treating as a standalone," Timm said. "You should not have to know the history of these characters. We need to explain Themiscira, or Oa, or the history of Deathstroke. Each one has to be reestablished, and you don't have to go into this great long back story, but it needs to be clear. Everybody knows Superman's story. Here's these characters, this is our version of these characters, and we're off and running."

Read more about what Bruce Timm had to say at the ComicBookResources.com website.

DC Comics has added a few slideshows to their website showcasing photos from Thursday's events at the San Diego Comic Con, including the DC vs Marvel Softball game (which Marvel won), and a number of Podcasts from various DC panels, including the "DC Group Therapy" panel which we reported on yesterday.

Meanwhile in Action Figure news from SDCC, Mattel and DC held a joint panel discussing up-coming action figure releases. Check out the report at Toy News International.

ActionFigureCollectors.com has a great photo gallery of Mattel's range of DC Comics toys and action figures on display at Comic Con.

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