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February 27, 2007: Phyllis Coates Takes Issue with “Hollywoodland”

In an interesting interview published on NWITimes.com Phyllis Coates, who played Lois Lane in the first season of the "Adventures of Superman" TV series, reveals that she also has problems with the way George Reeves was portrayed in the movie "Hollywoodland", and takes even greater issue with the way she herself was portrayed in the film. Here's part of the interview...

    "I thought 'Hollywoodland' did a terrible job sharing the real story of what happened to George," Coates said.

    "And even worse, the way they depicted me and how I left the show is entirely inaccurate."

    The scenes involving Coates, portrayed by actress Lorry Ayers, are brief in "Hollywoodland," but the message is intentional to audiences.

    In one scene, onscreen chemistry between Coates and Reeves lead to the hint of flirtation and Reeves' off-screen (married) lover Toni Mannix, played by Diane Lane, does more than just take notice. Since Mannix was married to the powerful studio executive Eddie Mannix, the film draws the conclusion that Reeves' lover used her influence to have the Lois Lane role re-cast.

    "I was very good friends with both George and Toni, and we hung around with each other all the time and certainly did our share of partying, actually, a little too much partying," Coates said.

    "I know Toni would never have had me replaced. And in all honesty, it was I who planned to leave after the first season to sign on to do a pilot episode for another show, which never made it to the air."

    Like Neill, Coates also doesn't believe Reeves died from suicide and also suspects foul play.

Read the entire interview at the NWITimes.com website.

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