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October 18, 2007: Gregory Noveck Says Superman Sequel Still Happening

VoicesFromKrypton.com has published part 2 of the interview with Gregory Noveck, senior Vice President Creative Affairs for DC Comics, who, among other things, is the liaison between DC and Warner Bros.

Noveck answers questions regarding the current status of the sequel to "Superman Returns" and "Justice League"...

    Q: There are so many rumors on the Internet, including that Bryan Singer's Man of Steel is not happening. Is that film still on the table?

    A: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

    Q: Well, the word is that it's been put on "indefinite hold" because of Justice League.

    A: That's not true. The reason that Justice League is powering forward first is because the script came in and it was phenomenal.

    Q: It's really that good?

    A: It is, and that very rarely happens in Hollywood on a movie of this scale, and when it does you have no choice but to say, "We'd better catch lightning in a bottle and go!" All of a sudden, six months later, who knows what's going to happen? You want to hold on to those writers, you've got massive interest from directors, you land someone like George Miller, so you go. And in the middle of it all, you've got Bryan going off to make another movie, which was a passion project of his. When he comes back, we'll dive right in to Man of Steel. We're scripting and it's going to happen. We're not going to make it until the script is great, but we'll get there one way or the other and it's not going to take nine years.

Read the complete interview at VoicesFromKrypton.com.

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