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December 5, 2007: Justice League Movie Updates

There have been a few tidbits of news and rumors circulating this week. Here's what's new and (somewhat) fresh in the world of "Justice League of America" movie speculation. There's nothing really new in the way of casting news, other than claims that actual contracts have been signed by those rumored for the roles.

LA Times published a report today claiming that Adam Brody has signed on to play The Flash (Wally West)...

    Adam Brody has closed negotiations to play the Flash, the super-fast superhero in director George Miller's "Justice League of America," a source close to the deal said Tuesday. Warner Bros. Pictures, however, won't confirm the news, saying the film still hasn't been green-lighted.

    The studio is expected to hold off on an announcement until all the roles are cast and a splashy news conference can herald the return of the beloved series. "Justice League of America" is one of Warner Bros.' highest-priority films right now, with an anticipated 2009 release.

The report goes on to claim that Megan Gale is Wonder Woman, Scott Porter (and not DJ Cotrona) is Superman.

NineMSN also claimed Megan Gale had won the role of Wonder Woman earlier this week. Also touting Common as the likely Green Lantern.

In sad news, Variety reported earlier this week that costume designer Marit Allen, who created wardrobe for films including "Brokeback Mountain," "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Mrs. Doubtfire" died of a brain aneurism on November 26 in Sydney, Australia.She was 66. At the time of her death, Allen was working with George Miller on the Warner Bros' super-hero adventure, "Justice League of America".

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