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November 13, 2007: Superman and Justice League Movie Updates

MTV.com questioned both James Marsden and Frank Langella on whether or not the up-coming Justice League movie would have any affect on the future of the Superman franchise.

James Marsden:

    "I know nothing. I saw one article about 'Justice League' being made, and I thought well, how's that going to affect the future of [Superman]?" James Marsden, who played Richard White in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" confessed to MTV News. "So I have no idea. I really don't."

Frank Langella:
    "I have no doubt it will happen again. I just don't think it will happen soon," Frank Langella said. "I thought the first one was a beautiful film. I thought the concept was staggering. It got criticized for not being the kind of Superman everybody expects but Jesus!" Langella continued. "[But that said] I had dinner with Bryan a couple months ago and he said he wants to do the next one shorter, tighter, and with a lot more action in it."

Embarrassingly MTV call Kryptonite "Krytonite" both in the article's title and in the web address for the page, while also incorrectly stating that Perry White was Richard White's father (and not uncle) in "Superman Returns".

In "Justice League" movie talk, IESB.net claim that the movie won't be affected by the ongoing WGA strike as predicted by Variety, with WB sources telling them to expect an announcement on the cast to be released later this week.

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