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August 22, 2007: No Routh and No Bale for Justice League Movie?

On the back of yesterday's reports regarding possible cast members for the up-coming Justice League movie, MovieHole.net has posted a report claiming that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale would not be reprising their roles as Superman and Batman in the proposed Justice League movie, even though Superman and Batman would be in the film.

    A casting director for the movie will be onboard next week and it's then that they'll be going after their tighted strongmen.

    Director George Miller ("Mad Max") has some ideas who he'd like to cast as Batman and Superman but naturally, they mightn't be the same faces the WB want. Either way, doesn't sound like Christian Bale or Brandon Routh will be involved in the film. I assume that's a financial thing.

Further more, IESB.net reports that Superman, Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern are all said to be in the movie, with early meetings having already taken place for certain key roles with announcements expected very soon.

Routh and Bale not being in this movie does NOT mean that they won't star in future stand-alone "Superman" or "Batman" film sequels, as both have contracts to play their respective characters in future films. MovieHole.net reinforces this in their updated report...

    Yes, its true that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale won't be starring as Superman and Batman, respectively, in the "Justice League" movie - but they will both still be starring in the stand-alone "Superman" and "Batman" sequels. So don't fret fans, there will only be a new Bats and Supes for the team-up movie.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Justice League movie.

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