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February 5, 2007: “Superman Returns” Wins Best Movie and Breakout Star Awards

Total Film magazine's Readers' Awards have been announced, with "Superman Returns" winning "Best Movie" and Brandon Routh named "Breakout Star of the Year".

    "This is very cool," says Superman. Sorry: Brandon Routh. The soaraway winner of the vote for Breakout Star, Routh exceeded expectations as the redux Clark Kent, matching Reeves' bumbling innocence and arguably out-muscling the original star in the epic action scenes... You clearly adored Bryan Singer's re-forging of the Man Of Steel, powering Superman Returns to Best Movie, too. "It's always cool to get awards from fans, from people who know what's going on," grins Routh. "And they're film aficionados if they're reading Total Film. We're very flattered."

You can check out the other winners in the Total Film Readers' Awards at the TotalFilm.com website.

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