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June 15, 2007: Script Complete for Justice League Movie

Variety reports that the first draft for a "Justice League" movie has been completed by husband-wife writing duo Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney.

    One of the more ambitious projects around town - the bigscreen adaptation of DC Comics' "Justice League" - cleared a major hurdle last week.

    Husband-wife writing duo Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney turned in a first draft that had Warner Bros. suits actually smiling - no small feat, considering "Justice" follows a half-dozen of the best-known superheroes working together, including Batman and Superman.

    But the accomplishment raises a tricky question for Warners: Should it release "Justice" before its "Superman Returns" sequel?

    Christopher Nolan's next Batman pic "The Dark Knight" bows in July 2008. Bryan Singer's "Superman" follow-up had been expected to play in 2009. But there's no script yet for that pic, while Singer is busy getting ready to shoot Tom Cruise starrer "Valkyrie" for UA.

    The question now: Will a souped-up "Justice League" prove to be Kryptonite to Superman?

With Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris currently sitting down to write the script for the "Superman Returns" sequel, I have little doubt that the Superman project will continue to happen ahead of any "Justice League" movie.

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