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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #20

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 9, 2020

Cover date: November 2020

"The List"

Writer: Josh Trujillo
Penciller: Stephen Byrne
Inker: Stephen Byrne

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer
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Bibbo Bibbowski arrives at the Daily Planet to ask Lois and Clark to report that he is not Superman. Someone has announced online that he may be Superman, and since then his business has been flooded with people seeking autographs and needing help. At this time Clark hears that a plane has released two rockets aimed at the city. He quickly deals with them and afterwards is confronted by Cat Grant about a list of names released that could potentially be him. Clark begins to investigate each of these names but before he can solve the problem the individuals on the list have all of their private information released online as well. This leads to various hate crimes and further unwanted interactions. Lois discovers the original list came from the Prankster and Superman goes to confront him. He discovers that it was actually the Prankster's son, who then must do community service to help the people whose information he released.

4Story - 4: I have two gripes about this story. The first is the lack of information about the plane that just suddenly shoots two rockets at the city, and the second is how easily Lois discovers that the Prankster started the list. Other than that though it was a fun story. If you want a quick fun read, start purchasing these. If enough people purchase these than DC will get the message about what the fans want to see in a Superman comic.

4Art - 4: The colors are vibrant, but maybe a little oversaturated. The faces and torsos are a little blocky for my taste. Other than that though it is a very well drawn comic.

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