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DCeased: Dead Planet #4

Scheduled to arrive digitally: October 6, 2020

Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Trevor Hairsine
Inker: Gigi Baldassini
Cover: David Finch and Steven Firchow

Reviewed by: Steve Younis
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DCeased: Dead Planet #4 In Ivy's Garden in Gotham, Constantine arrives via a Boom Tube with Scott Free and Detective Chimp. Together with Superman, Batman and the others, they decide they need to use Metron's Mobius Chair to extract the cure to the Anti-Life Equation from inside Cyborg. They'll use Madame Xanadu's crystal ball as a lure... but they're going to need more help if they're going to successfully trap Metron.

Jon (Superman) and Mary Marvel go off in search of Dinah (Green Lantern), who is so glad to see Jon is alive. She has the infected Ollie trapped inside a green bubble, vowing to find a cure to return him to normal.

The heroes go through the Boom Tube to New Genesis. Orion greets Scott with numerous punches to the face before Superman stops him with a punch of his own. High Father helps them call out to Metron, and the heroes lay in wait to ambush him. The ambush fails, but Metron agrees to allow Cyborg to sit in his chair after Superman and Mary Marvel plead with him. Cyborg gets the information he needs, while one look at the future in Madame Xanadu's crystal ball sends Metron off in a hurry.

Within the ruins of Apokolips there is movement. Darkseid has risen... The unliving ruler of Apokolips attacks New Genesis.

4Story - 4: It was really good to see that Jon continues the legacy of his father. He is a true hero among heroes. The writing was solid this issue. While it isn't a long read, the story moves along at a fast clip and brings you along with it.

5Art - 5: Hairsine and Baldassini work well together. The quiet moments have real emotion, while the action is dynamic.

3Cover Art - 4: While Superman is once again sporting the angry red eyes of anger, it's an impressive image, if not slightly misleading.

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