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Challenge of the Super Sons #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 21, 2020

"Death by Doom Scroll" - Chapter 2

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Max Raynor
Inker: Max Raynor
Cover: Max Raynor

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer
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The lady that Damian and Jon saw at the end of the first chapter is shown again, a portal opens up beside her and our two heroes emerge in black hooded cloaks. They greet the lady, named Rora, and Damian opens up a scroll called the Doom Scroll. They reveal that if a name is written on it, that person has an hour until they die. The Flash's symbol appears on the scroll prompting the boys to head out to rescue him. In order to get to The Flash in time they commandeer a super space ship that STAR Labs has built to help Superman to conduct research on the sun. They arrive in Central City just in time for Jon to intercept a lightning bolt that was going to kill The Flash. They then look at the scroll and see Wonder Woman's logo appear.

4Story - 4: While this story was still fun, and featured superheroics, it felt constrained by its available length. The task of saving The Flash was dealt with fairly simply, removing any real sense of danger or urgency. That being said, the back and forth between Damian and Jon is still fun to read. Especially Damian's mocking of the Super-Mobile. It makes for a fun dynamic. This issue aptly lays out the way the Doom Scroll works. They see a name and they have an hour to rescue them. If the intended victim learns of the death and avoids it, an innocent will die. It is an interesting set up, and I hope it pays off with some fun stories.

5Art - 5: The same artist from last issue brings it again this issue. It's bright, clear, and fun.

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