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Superman: Heroes #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 12, 2020

Cover date: April 2020

"Superman: Heroes"

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jody Houser, Greg Rucka
Artists: Kevin Maguire, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieberman, Mike Norton and Scott Godlewski
Cover: Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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Martha is working on her motorcycle as a troubled Clark comes home from school. Jonathan has a heart to heart with Clark about his struggles to fit in.

Years later, Clark has decided to give up his life as Clark Kent. Lois offers to support her husband not matter what but shows him the Dark Gift given to her by Lex Luthor. Whatever is inside the box, if Clark Kent is to disappear, must be dealt with.

Superman flashes back over the events of the past few months up until the confrontation with the League. His recollection is very different to what we've seen. Where they were all grinning and all chummy with Harley Quinn and friends, now we see a real glimpse into their opinions and the reactions are definitely mixed.

Elsewhere Booster Gold celebrates 'Miracle Monday' and reveals he's known this day would come and was almost bursting at the seams to keep it secret. He doesn't want to give too much away to the Man of Steel but assures him the future is going to be amazing.

Later, Bruce and Diana meet by the Wayne Family burial plot. Bruce invites Diana inside and finally reveals his opinion. He points out the ramifications on Superman has a wider affect on all superheroes and vigilantes. Diana discovers the real reason behind Bruce's opinion and finally they both share a deeper understanding.

Superman takes time out to visit Mr McKay, a former teacher of Clark Kent. The two share a heartfelt look back at his life as Clark Kent and how it shaped him into the man Superman is today.

Lois meanwhile is in the warehouse where mail is forwarded. Three piles: FAN MAIL, LIAR HATE MAIL & PLEASE HELP MAIL. Superman assumes the mail is for him but Lois reveals they aren't for him... they are hers and he suddenly realizes his effect on those around him following his decision.

This leads Clark to Jimmy and a second, overdue private meeting after the grandiose reveal. Jimmy tells Superman he has always known the truth and that their friendship is unaffected by the revelation.

Superman and Lois head to the Fortress and finally open Lex Luthor's box.

Inside is all the proof they need to expose Marisol Leone as the head of the Invisible Mafia. Lois and Superman realize if they publish the story, they do Luthor two massive favors. They take out Leone as Lex's rival and in doing so shut down the Daily Planet forever.

What will they do with Luthor's Dark Gift?

To Be Continued... in SUPERMAN: VILLAINS!

4Story - 4: Although this is billed as a single story, it really is more of an anthology. They are a little disparate hence the synopsis jumping between stories and styles. It is an awkward read if you haven't been following the books for context, however if you have they do a magnificent job of elaborating on some of the wish washy writing Action Comics and Superman have utilized to gloss over story points.

I know the Justice League scene was universally hated so it was great that we saw that expanded. The character moments between Bruce and Diana, Booster and Superman, Mr McKay and Superman and even the Kents (though I question Jonathan's language) were much needed. At a guess the Kents scene was penned by Bendis.

By no means is it a perfect book but this is the first time 'Too many cooks' has worked in favor of the story.

5Art - 5: I like the different styles of art showcasing the he different styles of storytelling. The art styles all really suited each individual story. The Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince story was particularly breathtaking.

4Cover Art - 4: I like this cover, it is a cleverly composed piece. I wish the inking was more detailed as there are a few instances that are a little distracting. Over all I think it is really well done.

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