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Justice League #46

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 9, 2020

Cover date: August 2020

"Cold War" - Part Three: "Into Hell"

Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciller: Xermanico and Robson Rocha
Inker: Xermanico and Robson Rocha
Cover: Gary Frank
Variant Cover: Clay Mann

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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Amazons possessed by the Spectre are turning on the Justice League and Queen Huippolyta. Green Lantern must buy his teammates time to get to the heart of Tartarus. With that, Superman and his allies must travel the path to Tartarus to find Jim Corrigan. Otherwise, the vengeance of the Spectre will wreak havoc on the entire world.

The Justice League has entered the cave where Jim Corrigan is hiding. Wonder Woman has removed the gigantic rock which closed it. The League discovers a frightened Corrigan. He was unaware of what lies within. It's something that is waiting to be unleashed now that its prison has been unsealed. Tartarus, the first gargantuan god of Hell is awake, and he's eager to make the world tremble in fear.

5Story - 5: Recent DC comics have been a pretty fast and entertaining reading experience of late. I admit I was around to give up on them around the time of the New 52. There were only a few noteworthy titles in that cycle. Rebirth resurrected my hope for DC's creative and editorial staff. This title and this issue make me happy to be a comics fan. Robert Venditti channels the past, looks to the future and turns the present on its ear with this fun and engaging chapter. I hope he stays on this book for at least the 100th issue.

4Art - 4: It feels like the art is, for lack of a better term, fighting with itself in the first couple of pages. It starts looking better by the time we get to the title and credits though.

5Cover Art - 5: Gary Frank is an awesome artist. He really has outdone himself with this cover.

4Variant Cover Art - 4: The art itself is beautiful, but Clay Mann seems to be trying too hard to make the comic book Justice League look like their movie counterparts.

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