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Lois Lane #10 [of 12]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 12, 2020

Cover date: July 2020

"Enemy of the People" - Part Ten

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover: Mike Perkins
Variant Cover: Tula Lotay

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese
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In a hotel room, Renee explains what she knows about the situation to Jessica Midnight. A brief explanation of the multiverse is given by Renee and she suggests that Lois might be a Lois from a different universe. Perhaps Renee, Jessica, and Sister Clarice are from a different universe, as well. In any case, Jessica is needed to stop The Kiss.

In a motel room, Lois hides away, keeping her location a secret. Superman drops by and the two talk about Lois' emotional and mental state. Later that night, Lois orders a pizza and charges the pie to her credit card.

Some time passes and The Kiss arrives to kill Lois. Unbeknown to The Kiss, Lois purposefully used her credit card to draw her would-be assassin into a trap. At the hotel, Jessica's set up a sorcery circle and prepares to pluck The Kiss away from Lois' motel room. Realizing she's forgotten to take into account conservation of mass. Sister Clarice offers to be sent, and just before The Kiss pulls the trigger on Lois, she's transported to Jessica's hotel room. As she arrives, she pulls the trigger, landing a direct hit to Renee's stomach.

3Story - 3: Now we're getting somewhere! I'm not entirely sure what the final destination is - it seems like we've changed our direction a few times over the course of this series - but we're definitely going somewhere. The multiverse talk feels a tad out of nowhere, but hopefully it pays off in either of the last two issues. In any case, the sequence of Lois' trap was well handled and engaging. There were a few lines of dialogue that didn't feel natural. The worst offenders are Renee and Jessica. A good portion of their lines feel forced. In fact, I'd say that the dialogue is the element that holds this issue back from a higher rating.

3Art - 3: I'm still not a huge fan of Perkins, but the art wasn't as distractingly off-putting as it's been in previous issues. I still dislike the way he draws eyes. He also draws a rather awkward-looking Superman in this issue.

4Cover Art - 4: This isn't the most amazing cover I've ever seen, but I like it quite a bit. I'm a sucker for good skull artwork. Simple, yet effective.

4Variant Cover Art - 4: The colors of this cover are gorgeous! My only complaint is that Lois doesn't particularly look like Lois. She's well-drawn, but she looks like a random woman instead of everyone's favorite intrepid reporter.

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