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November 10, 2011: The Night That Superman Crashed on Broadway

Bob Holiday The mishaps and mayhem that plagued Spider-Man's theatrical debut seem to have subsided now, which perhaps makes it a good time to remind everyone that the first superhero to appear on Broadway was, in fact, Superman, in the 1966 Charles Strouse/Lee Adams musical "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman" at the Alvin Theater, in New York. That acclaimed musical was a much smoother production, but, as Bob Holiday (the first and only actor ever to portray the Man of Steel on the Broadway stage) explains it, the show was not without its hazardous moments. Check out the latest updates to the site at SupermanBobHoliday.com and find out what happened the night that the cable enabling Bob to fly snapped and dropped him on the stage in front of a shocked audience.

Full details are contained in a SupermanBobHoliday.com link to an interview by Mark Edlitz, producer/director of Jedi Junkies and the author of a forthcoming book about live-action Superheroes, titled Putting on the Cape. SupermanBobHoliday.com web-hostess Toni Collins is always adding new material to Bob's site, so check out all its other great features, including rare videos, backstage reminiscences, and even a special edition of The Daily Planet. Today a retired homebuilder in the Pocono Mountain resort region of Pennsylvania, Bob enjoys connecting with Superman fans through his website.

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