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March 24, 2011: Update on Superman Legal Battle

Superman Court Case HollywoodReporter.com has discovered that Marc Toberoff, the lawyer representing the Siegel family in their claim for the Superman rights, is now appealing the limited grant of rights to the 9th Circuit, hoping that the appeals court will finally determine who owns what in this on-going legal battle.

    "It's cutting to the chase," Toberoff us, adding "it is widely recognized that Judge Larson's rulings on summary judgment largely favored the Siegels in upholding the validity of their termination as to Action Comics No.1, containing the core Superman format and characters."

    Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on Warner Bros, which could lose certain rights to the character in 2013 (the reboot is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012 but future films would be in jeopardy). The studio and lead lawyer Daniel Petrocelli can breathe easier for awhile, though. The financial issues with the Siegels and Shusters will be on hold pending the latest appeal.

    "DC Comics and Warner Bros. are fully confident that the trial court's rulings against the Siegels are correct and will be affirmed on appeal," the studio tells us in a statement.

Read the complete report at the Hollywood Reporter website.

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