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January 13, 2011: Six Flags Magic Mountain Superman Coaster Reopens in March

The LA Times reports that the revamped Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain is set to reopen on March 19th.

    The streamlined trains, which are expected to arrive at the Valencia amusement park this week, will have lower-profile sides for a more exposed feeling but will also be equipped with more restrictive over-the-shoulder restraints.

    Crews recently completed a new paint job in classic Superman colors, with red on the top third of the 415-foot-tall track and blue on the lower portion, plus yellow rails. On-track testing of the new trains is expected to begin by the end of the month.

    Re-dubbed Superman: Escape from Krypton, the retooled ride adds trains that run backward instead of forward, as they have since the $20-million, magnetic-launch shuttle coaster opened in 1997.

    After the ride operates for a few months, one of the cars on the twin tracks will be turned around to run forward, allowing riders to choose between the two options.

    The old ride, known as Superman: The Escape, featured a gravitational force of 4.5 Gs and 6.5 seconds of weightlessness, according to Roller Coaster Database.

Source: LATimes.com.

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