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January 24, 2011: Mike Kelley Brings Kandor to Los Angeles

Kandor Since 2007 artist Mike Kelley has been exhibiting his "Kandors" art creations, a series of works inspired by the Bottled City of Kandor found in Superman comic books. The exhibition was originally shown at the Jablonka Galerie in Berlin in 2007. Now fans in Los Angeles can check out his work.

    The linchpin is Kandor, fictional capital city of Superman's home planet, Krypton, which super-villain Brainiac shrunk to miniature size. In a 1958 DC Comic, published when Kelley was a kid, Superman retrieved little Kandor and kept it in a glass bell-jar pumped full of artificial atmosphere. Kelley's sleek Kandor models, made from illuminated cast-resin, are a mind-bending metaphor for the synthetic, scientifically driven, highly infantilized and thoroughly mediated bubble in which modern life is lived...

You can visit Mike Kelley's exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills through February 19th.

Source: LA Times.

2011 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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