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June 21, 2011: Superman Celebration - WGBS TV Report (Day 1)

The Superman Homepage WGBS-TV team of Clark Kent (Jamie Kelley) and Lois Lane (Ronda Kelley) attended the 33rd Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois earlier this month, and we're pleased to present to you the first of their video reports.

Day 1 - Thursday, June 9, 2011

In this first video we see the opening skit and ribbon cutting ceremony that officially opens the 2011 Superman Celebration.

While Superman is the reason many attend the annual Superman Celebration in the first place, it is the friends who become like family that have many people returning year after year. Superman fan Stephanie Perrin chats about the fun and festivities the Superfriends of Metropolis have each year. Also, recent flooding caused much destruction to many homes and businesses throughout the local area. We walk through the devastated Baymont Hotel and talk with Supermuseum owner Jim Hambrick about what it was like for him as the waters rose.

Many thanks to Jamie and Ronda Kelley for all their efforts throughout the Superman Celebration. Look for more of their videos in the days ahead.

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