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April 18, 2011: Superman Runs Marathon for Guinness World Record

Mr Stone David Stone, a 41 year old man in London, set a new world record for the fastest marathon run dressed as a superhero this past weekend, running 26.2 miles in 2:42.46.

    When he is not undoing Lex Luthor's mischief as Superman, Mr Stone, 41, works not as a reporter for the Daily Planet, but as a garden centre manager, in Exmouth, in Devon.

    Dressed in a cape and figure-hugging blue suit, Superman swapped his red boots for a pair of trainers for this mission - and managed to shave 49 seconds off the previous record set by Batman's sidekick Robin in 2009.

Source: BBC.co.uk.

2011 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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