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January 5, 2011: DCUO - Battle of the Legends

DCUO Sony Online Entertainment has announced that today (January 5, 2011) will be the last day of the DC Universe Beta in the U.S. and Thursday will be the last day to fight to save or rule the universe in Europe (in beta that is!).

    To celebrate - we plan to stage The Battle of the Legends in-game in the spirit of the DCUO cinematic, "Who do you trust?" Beta players can align and fight alongside or against some of DC Comics most notorious superheroes and villains including; Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker. Together will we take on DC's greatest icons as we embark on our own path to legendary! Show up to the battle when it erupts on your server! Check the schedule below and don't miss your chance to become part of the "Battle of the Legends!"

    If for some hideous reason you cannot attend have no fear - we will update you as to the status of each battle on our Facebook site at Facebook.com/DCUniverseOnline and on Twitter @DCUO. We plan to have streaming video, screens and updates and hope that our beta players will contribute as well. One thing is for sure, this event will be legendary!

    And, to add just a little more fun factor we have some special "legendary" guests joining us in a few of the events!

Check the schedule at DCUniverseOnline.com to find out who and when.

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