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June 10, 2011: Unveiling of Walk of Heroes Project in Metropolis, Illinois

The new attraction, the Metropolis Walk of Heroes, was unveiled today during the 33rd Annual Superman Celebration. This future walkway will showcase individuals who have ties to the two characters that have become landmarks in Metropolis: Superman and Lois Lane.

The first shield, unveiled today is dedicated to Superman's co-creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

The project calls for the familiar diamond shape bronze shields to be set into the sidewalks along Market Street from Superman Square to Eighth St. The walkway will serve as a tribute to writers, artists, actors, actresses and others who have been a part of the Superman legacy in film, television and comic books.

More information on the Metropolis Walk of Heroes will available on www.metropoliswalkofheroes.com soon.

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