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May 26, 2011: Superman Tribute Fence Damaged by Car

Damaged Fence Seems that Cleveland, Ohio can't win a trick when it comes to anything Superman related. First thieves stole a historical plaque about Superman's co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (which was later retrieved), now a car has driven through the ornamental fence that surrounds the site of Shuster's former home, damaging metal plates that tell the Superman story as it began in 1938.

    'The car damaged seven of 15 large, color plates that reprint the first Superman story from "Action Comics" No. 1.

    Tracey Kirksey, executive director of the Glenville Development Corp. and founding member of the Siegel and Shuster Society, said she believed a car driven by a neighbor hit the fence at Amor and Parkwood avenues. "He wants to pay to repair the damage himself," she said.

    Kirksey said it will cost about $2,600 to replace the panels, which were created and installed by the Glenville Development Corporation and the Siegel and Shuster Society two years ago using a grant. She said she did not know what it will cost to rebuild the fence and reattach the panels.

Read the complete report at Cleveland.com.

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