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November 23, 2011: Mondo Announces DC Comics Posters

Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse's collectable art boutique, will be releasing the first in a series of DC Comics posters on Friday, Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

Illustrated by JC Richard, the 12" x 32" panoramic poster is limited to 390 pieces and will sell for $50 via Mondotees.com.

Fortress of Solitude

Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael told CBR News, "This isn't our first time doing comic book stuff, but it's the first time with DC Comics."

    "When you do a poster, or when dudes do comic books, it's always Superman punching someone. You never get a serene Superman. I kind of love a relaxing Superman thing. We decided to go for that one first, to do something different with the character. Superman's very tiny in it. He's like a red and blue blur, flying off. We wanted to really focus on the Fortress. We thought that was a really interesting design."

Read the complete article at ComicBookResources.com.

Mondo prints usually sell out as soon as they're released, so fans hoping to grab one of these Fortress of Solitude posters are advised to follow Mondo on Twitter for the announcement of the poster's release on Friday, November 25.

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