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August 18, 2011: Fans Petition Mattel to Save DC Universe Classics


Five years ago, 6" action figures roamed the earth freely, and could be found in virtually every comic book shop and toy aisle, but now it seems they are a dying breed. Mattel Inc. (www.mattel.com) is one of the few companies that is still making 6" scale action figures. However, it was announced in July at San Diego Comic Con that Mattel will be rebranding their 6" DC Universe Classics line at Wave 20 - unless they find enough fans to support it.

Mattel offered a possibility to keep the wave going in the form of a direct order subscription service called DC Club Infinite Earths. This subscription would offer fans nine monthly figures and four quarterly over-sized figures in the first year. In addition, fans and subscribers get to vote on the first of the oversized figures which will also serve as a club exclusive for subscribers only. This is the first time fans can save a line, and keep it going for another year. This subscription service is a chance for the fans' voices to be heard, and to dictate the direction of a major product line from the world's largest toy company.

Three pop culture websites: www.ActionFigureInsider.com, www.AFHub.com and www.DCUC.info have teamed up to create www.SAVEDCUC.com to help spread the word about the subscription. SaveDCUC.com is a site that unites all DC Universe Classics fans and keeps them up-to-date about the subscription funding and what other fans are saying about the line. More websites are joining in and helping out with the cause each day. But as of press time, fans have less than a week to get the subscription fully funded. Mattel has placed a deadline of midnight, Monday, August 22nd to pre-order the subscription.

Read more at ActionFigureInsider.com.

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