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May 17, 2011: Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet" in Metropolis, Illinois

Superman Homepage The annual Superman Celebration is taking place across June 9-12 in Metropolis, Illinois and the Superman Homepage will once again be holding a "Meet & Greet" for members and fans to come together.

The Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet" is scheduled for Friday, June 10 at 10.30am inside Hardee's located at 601 Ferry Street (not far from the Superman statue).

That's right! Thanks to Hardee's, the Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet" will be held in the comfort of an air conditioned room this year and there will be prizes and giveaways for everyone who shows up.

Hosted by our own Lois & Clark (Ronda and Jamie Kelley), the Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet" will be printed in the official Schedule of Events so we're sure to get a good turn out.

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