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August 3, 2011: Superman Celebration - WGBS TV Report (Day 4)

We're pleased to bring you seven videos from the final day of the 2011 Superman Celebration which took place in June.

Day 4 - Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Part 1 of the Sunday reports we meet Carie Hambrick at the Americana Museum, and Kenny Richardson (Ilya Salkind's agent for the Superman Celebration).

Next up we meet Heather and Danny Kelley, recipients of the Noel Award and George Award for the 2011 Superman Celebration, who do great work in the community dressed up as Superman and Supergirl, amongst other characters, supporting charities around America.

Parts 3-5 contains the 2011 Costume Contest.

In Part 6 we wish Superman fan Bob Lyzenga a Happy Birthday, an talk to Keith Howard, the winner of the Superman Costume Contest. We also meet up with fan Greg Carlson who shows a Superman cape that he owns with sketches and signatures from so many different artists and celebrities.

In the seventh and final video from the final day of the 2011 Superman Celebration we wish Noel Neill well, and sign off with the Closing Skit.

Many thanks to Jamie and Ronda Kelley for all their efforts throughout the Superman Celebration. Look for more of their videos in the days ahead.

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