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June 10, 2011: "Geek vs. Geek" Online Game Show

Game Show Contestants Sought To Settle All Time Great Geek Debates

OMFGeek.com asks "Are you geek enough?" with the announcement of a contestant search for their upcoming online reality game show, Geek vs. Geek. Each episode of the web series pits two teams head to head debating topics such as Star Wars vs. Star Trek or Mac vs. PC. The episode's winner is decided by a panel of judges led by celebrity geek blogger Jill Pantozzi (Newsarama, MTV, TheNerdyBird.com). Interested applicants can submit themselves for consideration at AreYouGeekEnough.com.

Applicants will be vying for one of eight contestant spots on the show. To become Champion, they will have to avoid elimination by skillfully arguing topics from movies, television, comic books, video games, animation, and technology over the course of the season. Debate topics include World of Warcraft vs. Dungeons & Dragons, iPhone vs. Android, Battlestar Galactica vs. Doctor Who, Batman vs. Spider-man, Joss Whedon vs. Kevin Smith, and will culminate in "the big three" of geek debates: Marvel vs. DC, Mac vs. PC, and finally, Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

"The show is about passion," says series creator and OMFGeek founder Jeff Koenig. "To those of us invested in these fictional worlds, they go beyond stories to become almost a kind of religion. Star Wars, Apple, The Lord of the Rings, Batman - these are iconic bastions of our culture and our childhood, with fervent followings. Comparing and debating their merits relative to similar fan properties happens all the time. We're just giving it a forum."

Much like popular television reality competitions, the audition process itself will be part of the show, and the audience will be engaged to help determine which applicants are chosen for the coveted eight spots. The final eight contestants will be announced the weekend of October 16th, 2011 in conjunction with the New York Comic Con, the world's second largest geek culture event. Production of the regular season is scheduled to begin in November.

As a traditionally sponsored form of entertainment, game shows offer a unique opportunity for effective brand integration without detracting from the entertainment value of the property. OMFGeek is currently in discussion with several brand sponsors to cover the production costs of the show as well as provide prizes for both the contestants and members of the online audience.

Geek vs. Geek is being produced by an all-star team of digital content creators. Award winning actress and star of the popular web series "Anyone But Me", Rachael Hip-Flores, acts as host and provides a bridge between the general audience and the sometimes esoteric minutiae of the debates. Mr. Koenig, Geek vs. Geek's Executive Producer and Co-Director, is a web series veteran and former employee of CJP Digital, where he worked on branded entertainment for Trident, Ikea, Spherion, and SFN Group. Streamy-nominated director Andrew Park (The Hayley Project, The Temp Life) directs and produces alongside Melissa Schneider ($99 Music Videos, Bestsellers), Daniel Berman (SNL Digital Shorts), Pantozzi, and OMFGeek co-founder Keisha Zollar (Upright Citizen's Brigade). Writers include Joshua Sky (Marvel Presents: What The...?!), Scott Nap (Issues: the Series) and Chris Walker (Anti-Matter). Chris Prine (Octane Pistols of Fury, Scissor Cops) and Rodney Smith (Dominion) handle cinematography, and Christopher Dimino (Status Kill, Late Night with David Letterman) is the show's Art Director and Digital Effects Supervisor.

"We want the audience to be part of the debate," says Park. "True fans are heavily invested in these topics, and the show enables them to take their arguments to the next level, not only as contestants, but by fostering participation through comments and social media."

Applications are open to any interested geek over the age of 18 who is a legal resident of the United States and available to film in New York City. Are you geek enough?

Application video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip0MyFlekSk
Application site: http://AreYouGeekEnough.com
Geek vs. Geek main site: http://GeekvsGeekShow.com
OMFGeek: http://omfgeek.com

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