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November 15, 2011: Mentally Disabled Superman Fan Visits Siegel House

Mike in Jerry's Room Remember Mike Meyer? He's the mentally disabled Superman fan who had Superman memorabilia stolen from his collection a few months ago. After Superman fans worldwide gathered together to donate items to Mike, police were able to get his stolen items back to him, so Mike donated the gifts he'd received from Superman fans to a local children's hospital. Now Mike has been granted another special gift...

    In the very room where a young Jerry Siegel created Superman, Mike Meyer sat transfixed Monday as he drew his own sketch of his hero.

    Meyer, 48 and mentally disabled, said sitting in that room in Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood was a lifelong dream he never thought would come true. Several months ago, a man posing as a friend stole Meyer's comic and Superman memorabilia collection from his Granite City, Ill., home.

    John Dudas, owner of Carol and John's Comics in the Kamm's Corner neighborhood, flew Meyer and a friend into Cleveland to see where it all began. They also flew in Keith Howard of Belleville, Ill., who represented the Superfriends of Metropolis group that organized a nationwide effort to replace the stolen items.

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