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June 14, 2011: Review of "Superman: 2050"

Superman: 2050 Superman fan Eric Daugherty attended the June 11 performance of the "Superman: 2050" theater production at The Second City Training Center in Chicago, and submitted the following review for the Superman Homepage...

    The Second City theatre in Chicago has a reputation all its own, and has produced some of the most famous comedians of the modern era. The Second City is famous for their improv comedy and little to no use of props or special effects at all. So, when I found out they were putting on a show called "Superman: 2050", I had to get a ticket.

    The image used for the advertising is of an older and balder looking Superman. In my mind I could already foresee the plethora of bald, overweight, spandex, and other age related jokes that were about to start flying. Therefore, I prepared myself to laugh at the expense of my, and the world's, greatest hero. The truth of it is, I am a fan of a guy that wears his underwear on the outside of his pants, so a sense of humor is required. The show could have easily poked fun at an aging Superman, Lex Luthor, and Lois Lane. Fortunately this is a Second City production, and was created with not only intelligence, but with respect and class. I was completely mistaken, entertained, and more importantly, impressed.

    The story is set in a futuristic "Donner-esk" world, and is accented by the iconic soundtrack that we all know and love. The writing is clever, iconic, and the action never stops. The seven actors do a fantastic job of creating Superman's entire world on a tiny 7x3 ft. stage. The audience is taken from Smallville, to Metropolis, and right into the hustle and bustle of the Daily Planet. The plot is classic, the comedy is witty, and the "special effects" are a riot!!

    The real payoff was that the actors not only respected the iconic characters they were playing, but the true fans as well. If you grew up watching the Christopher Reeve films you will be pleasantly rewarded, and don't worry they didn't forget about us Smallville fans either. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I laughed for 35 minutes straight.

    The show only runs until the 18th of June here in Chicago, but a Midwestern tour is in the works. Be sure to check The Second City website for details. My advice to any Superman fan is to grab a ticket if this show is coming to your area this summer. And I promise... You will believe a man can fly... on a 21 square foot stage!

    Eric Daugherty

The final performance of "Superman: 2050" will take place on June 18. Tickets are just $12.

Visit SecondCity.com for further details and to purchase tickets.

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