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September 11, 2011: Superfriends Help Mentally Disabled Superman Fan

Mike Meyer Last week we reported on the callous robbery of Mike Meyer, a mentally disabled Superman fan whose memorabilia and comic book collection was the target of a man he used to work with. We also made mention of the wonderful effort by online Superman fans to pool together their resources to help out Mike, and today the Belleville News-Democrat updates us on what he been done so far...

    Artists are drawing sketches and autographing them for Meyer. Original Superman artwork from Paraguay is on its way. Fans are buying Superman items and shipping them directly to Belleville.

    A California fan group has contacted actress Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane opposite George Reeves in the original TV series, for an autograph. Neill in fact met Meyer once, Howard said. When Meyer attended the Metropolis Festival several years ago, he got to meet her and stand in Superman's place beside her for a few minutes. Other celebrities, including Tracy Lewis of the "Superboy" series and Mark Tyler Nobleman, author of "Boys of Steel," are sending autographed items.

    A comic-shop owner in Cincinnati -- hometown of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster -- is arranging a memorial brick from one of the creators' houses with a plaque for Meyer. They have offered to fly Meyer and a close friend out for a day's tour of the Superman museums and tourist sites there.

    Local comic shops have been approached about donating merchandise. Other fan groups have joined with the Superfriends -- the cross-denominational Justice League Avengers of Indiana are coordinating their own drive to get Superman memorabilia.

Read the complete report at the BND.com website.

Offer your assistance to Mike Meyer via the Superfriends Facebook page.

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