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June 5, 2011: DCUO Game Update 4 - Fortress of Solitude

Sony Online Entertainment recently released Game Update 3 for "DC Universe Online", the MMO RPG set in the DCU. Update 3 centers around Ra's Al Ghul, but IGN.com has discovered that Superman fans will get to help the Man of Steel defend the Fortress of Solitude in the up-coming Game Update 4. Below the video trailer you'll find an excerpt from an interview with Game Director Mark Anderson.

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    IGN: As DC fanboy, I've dug the updates, but they've all been pretty Batman-centric in terms of locations and villains. As a representative of the House of El, will I be happy with Game Update 4? What's in it?

    Mark Anderson: If you're into all things Kryptonian, I think you'll be very pleased with not only Game Update Four but also the next few updates. We've got to give the Man of Steel his due, and he can't be contained to a single update. To start off, we take you to the Fortress of Solitude where Brainiac continues on his march to absorb all that the Earth has to offer. With an army at his doorstep, Superman needs all the help he can get to stop Brainiac from using the powers of his home world against the people of Earth, even if it means developing a fragile alliance with one of his greatest enemies. This is the start of our next series of 8-player group content, and it's got some really jaw-dropping stuff.

Read the complete interview at IGN.com.

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