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January 28, 2011: Jerry Siegel's Death Remembered

Jerry Siegel On the anniversary of Jerry Siegel's death, Cleveland.com has republished their article that was originally published in the Plain Dealer newspaper on January 31, 1996 reporting on Superman's co-creator's passing.

    Superman is an orphan again.

    Jerome Siegel, of Marina Del Rey, Calif., who created the Man of Steel with Glenville High School buddy Joseph Shuster, died Sunday of heart failure in a suburban Los Angeles hospital. He was 81.

    Siegel's wife, Joanne, said he had been ill for several weeks. "He had a weak heart and on Sunday it just gave out," said Joanne, the Cleveland woman who was the original model for Lois Lane. "He had been in and out of the hospital since Jan. 5 and was home for a week," she said.

You can read the complete article at Cleveland.com.

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