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January 11, 2011: "DC Universe Online" Game Guide

DCUO "DC Universe Online", the massive multiplayer online video game from Sony Online Entertainment, is available as of today. To get you started SOE has made available a Game Guide for both PS3 and PC versions.

    Becoming the Next Legend requires skill and cunning which only a true superhero or villain can achieve. To help you along your way, we've created these two handy guides for both the PC and PS3 which will guarantee you'll be ready to take on whatever Gotham City and Metropolis can throw at you. Learn how to create your character, access Quick Menus, use Settings and so much more in these detailed explanations. Don't get caught unprepared, check them out today!

Meanwhile, LA Times has published an article highlighting five locations with the DCUO versions of Metropolis and Gotham. Locations such as The Ace O' Clubs, Big Belly Burger, and the impact scar from Superman's spacecraft.

Order "DC Universe Online" for PlayStation 3 or get either the Standard Edition or Collector's Edition for your PC.

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