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January 25, 2011: "DC Universe Online" Voice Actors

DC Universe Online PS3 Have you wondered who voiced your favorite superhero or supervillain while playing "DC Universe Online"? Sony Online Entertainment has released a complete Voice Cast list via their website. Here are the Superman related ones...

  • Amanda Waller: Debra Cole
  • Bizarro: Joe Mandia
  • Brainiac: Corey Burton
  • Doomsday: Benjamin Jansen
  • Jonathan Kent: Brandon Young
  • Lana Lang: Lorrie Singer
  • Lex Luthor: James Marsters
  • Lois Lane: Adrienne Mischler
  • Maggie Sawyer: Lorrie Singer
  • Martha Kent: Diane Perella
  • Metallo: Ryan Wickerham
  • Parasite: Robert Faires
  • Pete Ross: Mike Smith
  • Steel: Ken Thomas
  • Supergirl: Adrienne Mischler
  • Superman: Adam Baldwin
  • Toyman: Matt Hislope
  • Ursa: Adrienne Mischler
  • Zod: Alexander Brandon

View the complete list at DCUniverseOnline.com.

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