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July 28, 2011: Virtual Reality Kinect Superman

Two departments at the University of Amsterdam created an interactive world with a Superman avatar using the Unity3D game engine for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Using the existing drivers they mapped the user's movements onto the ones of Superman. The body movements are tracked by the Kinect, the head movements by iWear's gyroscope.

    The goal was to create an immersive virtual environment that tracks the movements of the user, that recognizes specific gestures and reacts to these in a natural feeling way. The user gets feedback through a stereo-vision head-mounted screen and stereo audio. We try to achieve this goal by implementing a 3D game that lets the user take control of ISLA-man, a super hero who looks not completely unlike Superman in appearance and behavior. The game setting gives the user a goal to achieve while having the experience. This might commit the user even more to the virtual environment.

For more information visit the ThirdSight.co website.

Thanks to Larry Whitehurst for the lead on this info.

2011 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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