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October 13, 2011: Mentally Disabled Robbery Victim Donates Toys to Sick Kids

Mike Meyer and Keith Howard Remember Mike Meyer, the mentally disabled Superman fan who had a large part of his Superman collection stolen by an ex-work colleague? You'll recall that Superman fans from all over the world donated items through the Superfriends of Metropolis fan group to send to Mike. Then police located the thief and were able to return Mike's stolen items to him. Well there's a final twist in the tale... Mike decided to go to the St. Louis Children's Hospital with Keith Howard from Superfriends of Metropolis group, and donate the gifts he'd received from concerned fans to the children as prizes for the weekly Bingo game.

    "I've been blessed with a lot of things, so I wanted to share them," he explained on Wednesday of his decision to donate the duplicates. He added, "When you make somebody happy, it does something for you, too."

    Howard, of Belleville, said nobody who gave to Meyer has asked for his or her donations back - in fact, just the opposite.

    "The fact that this has now come full circle is really, really great," he said.

    On Wednesday, as a chorus of "Bingo!" rang out, the Superman collectibles slowly left the prize table.

Read the full heart-warming report at the St. Louis Today website.

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