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November 17, 2011: Superman Cover and Dock for iPhone

Superman Cover and Dock MobileFun in the UK has released a series of protective covers and docking stations for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4s featuring Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.

    Tough, slimline plastic construction protects against damage
    Made from a specially formulated plastic, these back covers are extremely tough yet incredibly slim. Less than 0.5mm in thickness, with this case you can protect your iPhone 4S/4 from unwanted scratches to the back panel without adding unnecessary bulk.

    Included Superman dock
    The Superman case also comes with a unqiue and extremely stylish Superman dock. The dock works with your Apple USB cable to provide you with a stylish alternative to the generic docks which you can purchase. The dock is made to work with your iPhone 4S/4 with the Superman case attached to the phone.

    Inspired by the legendary Superman
    The stylish case is inspired by the legendary superhero Superman and features his trademark 'S' logo to add a touch of superhero style to your iPhone 4S/4. The case is also designed using Supermans authentic colour scheme to give it that authentic Superman look.

    Made for iPhone 4S/4
    Designed specifically for the iPhone 4S/4, this protective back cover is certain to provide a perfect fit. As it also wraps around the sides, there are cut-outs for the camera, flash, and all the buttons along the edge, so you can still access the full functionality of your device while it is in the case.

Purchase yours from MobileFun.co.uk

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