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November 7, 2011: Pterodactyl's "Superman: The Movie" Music Video Parody

Pterodactyl, a three-piece band from Brooklyn, has taken inspiration from the Krypton scenes from "Superman: The Movie" for the music video to their latest song "School Glue".

    Pterodactyl's drummer takes on the role of General Zod, guitarist Joe Kremer is the female character Ursa, guitarist/bassist/vocalist Jesse Hodges represents the "Mindless Aberration," and their boss, head of Brah Records, is Jor-El, originally played by Marlon Brando. Also, see if you can spot members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Parts and Labor.

Pterodactyl - "School Glue" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Source: ChartAttack.com.

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