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April 11, 2011: Superman Fan Kaman Stowell

Kaman Stowell Superman Homepage member Kaman Stowell and his love of Superman was the subject of an article for the St. Cloud Times.

    In a recent interview in his room, where he sleeps surrounded by the comic-book legend, the senior from Sartell said the TV series "Smallville" is to blame for his obsession with the "S" shield.

    He had seen the movies from the 1970s starring Christopher Reeves in all his curled-tuft glory, but it was a post-millennial farm boy played by Tom Welling who made Stowell begin to cover his room in primary colors.

    About a year ago, after acquiring almost 300 objects and thousands of dollars worth of tradable pieces, Stowell started to periodically upload video reviews of "Smallville" episodes, Superman movies and comics to the Internet site YouTube.

You can read the complete article at the SCTimes.com website.

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