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July 29, 2011: Superman Mod for "Grand Theft Auto IV"

Grand Theft Auto IV GamesRadar.com reports that modders have created a Superman mod for "Grand Theft Auto IV" that allows game players to fly around and interact with Liberty City on a full-time basis.

    The three-part process begins by downloading and installing the Superman flying mod, created by one nixolas1. It allows PC GTA IV players to evolve their avatar into a fully functional Krytonian complete with (slightly less speedy) flying powers and the ability to wield weapons from above. A complimentary mod, called Simple Trainer, takes the concept further by granting players access to all three islands, as well as the power over time, weather and gravity. Oh, and just for kicks, it also adds the ability to light innocent civilians on fire (c'mon, you know you want to).

Instructions on downloading and installing the necessary mods can be found at PCGamer.com.

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